How many centres would you like to join Fit4Access
for one month free?

You need a separate licence for each of your centres

There are no payment details needed to qualify for your first month free.

There is no commitment after your first month free

After your first month you will have the choice to buy a monthly, six-monthly or annual licence per centre from £39+VAT a month.

We will contact you during your free first month to see how Fit4Access is working for you.

If you would like to find out more about this free offer
please call us on 0845 557 1443

Here’s how Fit4Access can help


  • Give your members extra reassurance to come back
  • Engage your members with approved safety measures
  • Use the free media toolkit to show your community you’re part of Fit4Access
  • Attract new members by being a Fit4Access centre